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Where to Start

  • Become a member! Go to the national website  and sign up to receive emails that keep you in touch with the world wide movement.  You will also be a part of the local chapter’s email list, as well as receive discounts to local events.  Slow Food International uses the membership fees to keep the movement growing and going through school gardens, education in cities and rural communities,  aid to farmers, and much more.
  • Become a co-producer.  Never think of yourself as a “consumer”, for everything you  consume has an impact on someone somewhere.  Think critically about the people you support through the way you live your life.  You are producing everything you use alongside the farmer or crafts person your purchase came from.  Make it be something you can be proud of.  Connect with your local farmers and craftspeople.
  • Host a pot-luck and request your guests bring a dish with one sustainably or locally raised/grown ingredient. Change should happen in each and every of our own homes; we can’t wait til it comes a’ knockin’.  Slow down every day with friends and family, and really think about where your food comes from.
  • Help plan events! Absolutely all work done by Slow Food on the local-chapter-level is done by volunteers.  If you are interested in being a part of organizing great events, or feel like you have some wonderful ideas to share, please contact us!

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