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We’re Fermenting Again!

Once again, this class is full!  If you’re interested in fermenting and didn’t get into this workshop, we hope to hold another one.  Stay tuned…


Due to the success of our last fermentation workshop, we’ve decided to host another.  Sign up now!  Our class will be held Saturday, June 8th 3:30-5 PM at Dish T’ Pass and will be taught by Jacki Rexford and Ann Keener.  We will make a simple root or cabbage kimchi, and discuss other forms of fermentation such as kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, and more.  This class is for fermentation beginners, although more experienced fermentors are welcome.  We will also have a “culture sharing” during the class, so bring any cultures you’d like to pass on: water or milk kefir grains, kombucha mothers, and more…  Attend Food For Life May 31st-June 2nd, hear Sandor Katz speak, and come back to Chattanooga and continue fermenting with us!

The class will be $9, and a few of copies of Wild Fermentation will be available for purchase as well.  RSVP to: anntindellkeener@gmail.com

One comment on “We’re Fermenting Again!

  1. Please, please have the fermentation class again! I do some ferments but would still like to have the class as I am self=taught and would like to see some experienced teachers and fellow participants in the Chattanooga area!!!

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