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What does Slow, locally, sustainably grown food have to do with music?  Everything!

If we learned anything at Dan Imhoff’s talk, that’s what it was.  Ok, we learned a lot more than that- but Dan himself is a musician and he understands, as does Carlo Petrini, that music is just one of the fibers in the cloth of a cultured, strong community and local economy.   As Dan said, we can’t have progress without joy, and we can’t have joy without beauty.  So eating should always be a political act, but also an enjoyable and beautiful act.  And great music helps make that happen.

Join the Chattanooga Folk School in celebrating their new location on Rossvile Ave this Sunday, September 23rd at 4 PM.  There will be a poluck, so bring a dish.  There will also music, and plenty of it, with concerts by Slim Pickin’s, The Knob Creek Girls, Ed Huey, the Snake Doctors, and more.

AND: check out our new Slow Food Library, also housed at the Folk School- just click on over to our FACEBOOK  or, go to the tab on this page marked “Library” to see library updates,.  Dan Imhoff was kind enough to donate 3 of his books to the townsfolk of Chattanooga, which spawned the idea of a Slow Food Library… Check it out while you’re at the Folk School and contact Slow Food Chatt if you’d like to make a book donation.


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